Origin - Boston, MA
Current Home - Brooklyn, NY
Current Employer - Avalanche Studios
College - Northeastern University (Boston, MA)

I graduated from Northeastern with a degree in Multimedia Studies (Animation concentration) in 2009. The program itself was very broad and meant to have the students learn all aspects of 3D Animation, but I was most interested in character setup/rigging and by the time I graduated I knew I wanted to continue specializing in that side of production. Northeastern was a 5 year co-op program where I alternated between semesters of classes and full time internships. The last of these internships was working for a DoD contractor creating 3D visualizations for a combat simulator and after graduation they hired me as a full time employee. It was here where I got my first experience working with an engine and using a content pipeline. I remained here for a little over a year after school before I found my way into game development.

My first job in the industry was as a TA at 38 Studios in July of 2010. I worked alongside some great artists and developers who helped me learn valuable skills as I learned what it took to be a good TA. When 38 Studios met its eventual (and very public) demise in May of 2012, I found myself in need of a new job. After interviewing with multiple companies I had a tough choice over some really great opportunities. I decided to take an offer from Avalanche Studios and move to New York where I still am over 3 years later. At Avalanche I've had the opportunity to develop my own tools and rig systems as well as take ownership over the animation and character pipelines while working on Just Cause 3.

In my time away from game development, I also enjoy hanging with my girlfriend, running, craft beer, board game nights, and playing guitar with friends in a band.